iPad excitement!

This morning my friend Bob and I visited my student; I saw him yesterday and had explained what I’ve planned. The case came in the mail last night and the response from my student was immediate and excited! It turns out the overall cost (used iPad 2nd-generation 64GB $317.06 delivered + shockproof case $17.94 delivered = $335) was good and we got into the first lessons. Training curriculum on Day One included:

  1. How to gently plug in the charger
  2. How to go to the Home screen
    1. Push the Home button
    2. Type in the four-digit passcode
  3. How to start the JW Library Sign Language app by tapping it
  4. How to select a sign language video from the library by tapping it
  5. How to pause and resume play with two-finger tap
  6. Don’t get water on it
  7. Power off
  8. Power on

I had an old spare wireless router which I configured at tested first at my home and then connected at his house; it didn’t work. I don’t know if this is a router configuration issue; I’ll have to go back to his house with my laptop to troubleshoot (I know he has internet because the Sorensen videophone works).

Unexpected contagion: one of my fellow teachers (who is also my barber) liked the used-iPad idea so much that by the time she finished my haircut we’d ordered another one for her use (3rd-generation, a little more money and you get Siri and a better display). My father-in-law saw the setup last night and he wants one. I actually want one myself now.

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